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Volunteering is all about giving back, right? It’s all about helping out and doing something good for someone else. That’s so true! Volunteering makes our communities stronger, smarter, healthier, kinder, and more beautiful. But there’s another side to this coin. Volunteering has benefits that extend both ways – out to the community and back to the individual volunteer. For instance, did you know that volunteering can help you…

Get happy

Shake off the winter blues – volunteering has been proven to ease stress and lessen the symptoms of depression. That satisfied feeling that comes from doing good, sometimes called a “helper’s high,” is caused by endorphins – yep, the same feel-good chemicals you get from exercise! And at PRCKC, volunteers get their fill of happy dogs and cute kitties – those wagging tails are a surefire mood-booster!

Two volunteers spend time with a puppy.

Be an expert

This is your chance to show what you know! Many organizations look for volunteers with certain skills. For example, we are always looking for volunteers with animal handling, customer service, or administrative assistant skills. You could be the expert we’re looking for!


Get off the couch

No more sitting around bored, binge-watching yet another season of a show you already know by heart. Volunteering provides opportunities to see and do something out of the ordinary! Our volunteers help out in our clinics and at many special events throughout the KC metro.

Volunteer Marise sits in Wellness Clinic with her two dogs

Learn a new trick

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn about animal behavior, or improve your customer service skills. Volunteering is a great way to learn something new – and at PRCKC, we welcome you to explore the many options for involvement and continuing education that we provide.

Move on up

Volunteering can be part of your professional life, too! Volunteerism looks great on a resume, and it’s even better if you’ve gained relevant skills through your volunteer experience. Many of the interpersonal skills you’ll learn with us would be valuable at any job, and if you’re interested in a career in animal health, volunteering with PRCKC could be a great way to start your journey.

a group of volunteers stand together for a group photo

Make some change

Okay, so as a volunteer you won’t make the kind of change you can take to the bank, but you will create something even better – positive change in your community. PRCKC has performed over 100,000 spay and neuter surgeries since 2002. Last year, we provided over tens of thousands of pounds of food to pet owners in need through our Pet Food Pantry. None of this would be possible without volunteers!

a group of volunteers stand together for a photo

Get connected

Once you figure out the type of volunteering you want to do, you’ll be surrounded by people who share your motivations and interests. It’s a great way to make new friends! PRCKC volunteers are hardworking and kind, with a soft spot in their hearts for animals and giving back to their communities. Does that sound like you? We want to meet you! Learn more about our volunteer program and apply to join Team PRCKC at prckc.org/volunteer.


Breanne Wasinger
Volunteer Services Manager

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