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Urgent Pet Care

Our urgent care clinic was started to make advanced medical care more accessible for dogs and cats in the KC metro.

dog stethoscope


Monday through Thursday
Closed Fridays

Opens at 8am

  • When you arrive please park in one of the FIRST 10 numbered parking spaces.
  • After parking in one of the numbered parking spaces, please sign in at the sign-in sheet on the urgent care door located under the awning. One of our technicians will be out to your vehicle when it is your turn.

Closed once capacity has been met


5829 Troost Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64110
816-353-0940 ext. 3

This is a walk-in, outpatient clinic.

  • Pets are seen by level of emergency or by the doctors discretion. This does not apply for euthanasias, as those will be seen first.
  • Expect a 2-5 hour wait or be turned away if we have met capacity.
  • If you are experiencing a true emergency, please proceed to the nearest emergency hospital. We do not have overnight staff and are not equipped for long term hospitalization or emergency level care.
  • Please be patient and kind to our staff during your wait or you will be asked to leave immediately.


$50 Examination Fee, plus the cost of treatment, diagnostics, medication and supportive care. Anything outside of the exam is at additional cost.

If your pet is unaltered, the full balance will be due at check out. If you require financial assistance, your pet will be subject to alteration during their visit at the doctor’s discretion. If you do not want your pet spayed/neutered, you are more than welcome to reach out to a full service veterinarian that will better suit your needs. Estimates will be given for costs beyond the initial $50 fee.