March 2020

Resting On Hope

In the midst of trouble, if you look hard enough, you can see it.  It’s there in the people who keep going despite the risks. The grocery store clerks, the cleaning crews, the restaurant employees, and the selfless medical staff and emergency responders. Many accept the hazards that come with the coronavirus so they can continue being of service to...
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Lo que necesita saber sobre la ‘temporada de gatitos’

La temporada de gatitos suena bien a todos los amantes de animales porque, si somos honestos, quién no ama a estas caritas adorables? Sin embargo, la realidad es que es mucho más grave que mucha gente piensa. Ya estamos entrando esta temporada, y los refugios de animales y otras organizaciones del bienestar de animales están preparando. Best Friends dice que...
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What you need to know about ‘kitten season’

Kitten season sounds like heaven for most animal lovers because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love those adorable little faces? However, the fact of the matter is that it’s much more serious than most people think.  We are already entering that time of year, and animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations are bracing for the tidal wave. Best Friends...
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Let’s start at the beginning: why do people declaw cats? There are three reasons: 1) The cat in question is damaging belongings and furniture with their claws, 2) The owner in question is immunocompromised, and has been advised that the best way to reduce the risk of (in their case) a dangerous situation is to get rid of the claws...
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Gala de PRCKC de 2020

Tenemos una gala cada año, pero la de este año fue inolvidable. Miramos al pasado donde le ayudamos a muchas mascotas y sus familias a través del año y le pedimos a gente generosa para más fondos para continuar ayudarle a más mascotas en el futuro.  En 2019 sólo, vimos a 13,527 mascotas en nuestra Clínica de Bienestar, 10,898 mascotas...
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2020 PRCKC Gala

We hold a gala every year, but this year’s was one for the books. We looked back on all of the pets and people we’ve helped throughout the year and asked for much needed funds to continue helping more pets in the future. In 2019 alone, we saw 13,527 pets in our Wellness Care Clinic, 10,898 pets for spay and...
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