Important Update: Spay Neuter Appointments

(due to COVID-19)

Since the pandemic, we have received an unprecedented number of calls for surgery. Currently there are over 4,000 people on our waiting list. We are doing all we can to help everyone as quickly as possible but are asking for your patience while we work through the list.

Please know that we want to help you … but hope you understand that this will take time.

For now be assured that we have received your call. But with this many people waiting to get their pets in for surgery – and another 400 + calls coming in each day – it’s going to be awhile before we can get back to you.
We’re asking you to be patient and we will call you back to get your pet scheduled. For now, to help reduce call volume and help us get everyone in here as quickly as possible, we’re asking everyone who has already called for a surgery appointment to not call again. In the meantime, we’ll work as hard as we can to get as many surgeries completed as possible.

Going forward, here’s how we intend to handle scheduling:

  1. Based on when a person called, they will be sent a text message with the day/time to call us to get their appointment scheduled. We intend to send those to the top 300 on our list each week.
  2. We will move to the next group the following week and continue to do so until we reach the entire list.
  3. Please call only when you are notified, otherwise we will continue to struggle getting to every one.

Good News!

We are implementing a new program that will allow you to schedule your own surgery. We are about 2 weeks from that process and will send you notification once it’s in place.

Thank you again for your understanding, patience and support as we work through these difficult times. Stay safe and healthy!


Since COVID-19, we are operating a no-touch, drive-up wellness clinic for your pet’s vaccinations. All pets need appointments for services. Make a vaccination appointment now.