July 2019


Parvo. Even among people who don’t know much about dogs or dog health, it’s a word that carries weight. Everybody knows parvo. But what is it? How can it be prevented? How can it be treated? What is it? Canine parvovirus appeared for the first time in 1978. There are two strains that are the most prevalent: CPV-2a and CPV-2b....
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A New Friend … A New Start

Just down the road from PRCKC HQ is a small community where lives are being put back together piece by piece. It’s called the Veteran’s Community Project. Most people know it locally from the small houses that are being built at 89th and Troost. It’s called the Village. And it does have a village feel about it. Walk through on...
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Fear of the Fourth

The marred knob on my basement door tells the story.  It was probably 20 years ago. My neighbor invited me over to grill out for the fourth. As it turned dark, he pulled out a box of fireworks and began shooting them into the sky. We knew our dog, Annie, was not a fan of thunder and assumed that fireworks...
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