March 2018

A Best Friend for My Best Friend

Tom says his rescue dog, Maggie, was miserable. “Maggie had a friend next door,” he says of his puggle. “But the neighbors had to move and her best friend, Molly, left. Maggie just started moping around. She had her tail between her legs and her head was down all the time; she was so sad.” Maggie and Molly were together...
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Pet Poison Prevention

(or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Hiding Poisons from my Pet) As humans, we have the ability to read a package and say, “Oh hey, this is poison. I won’t eat it.” Our pets aren’t so lucky, as much as we may want them to be able to read our favorite novel because we’re absolutely sure they’d...
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“I Love Working Here Because I’m Proud of Working Here”

From the moment I arrived here just a few months ago, I could tell there was a level of commitment from the staff that wound itself around everything that was happening. Even during the tough days when chaos sifted like sand into every nook and cranny,  there was the unspoken focus on doing the right thing for the people and...
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