Clinics in the community

PRCKC provides most of the wellness services offered at our permanent location at mobile clinic locations across the community. There are two types of mobile clinics – Sit ‘n Serves and Drive-Thrus. For more information email our team at [email protected].

Sit ‘n Serves Clinics

Our Sit ‘n Serves offer the same bundles as our regular clinic, and provide all of the same wellness services. These require an appointment, which you can make be clicking the button below.


These are our most affordably priced vaccinations. We offer special discounted bundles for these events, and there are no appointments required! 

Puppy and Kitten Parents

If you have a puppy or kitten between the ages of 6 and 14 weeks, getting started on vaccinations right away is critical for your pet’s health. Please book now at a location that’s convenient.

Spay / Neuter Surgery

In addition to vaccines, we also offer spay/neuter surgery. To find out more or to book, click here.

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