January 2022

You’re getting your first cat. Now what?

You’ve just taken your first step into a larger world and decided to get a cat. You’ve never had a cat before. What do you do? How do you begin? What do you need to give this new friend their best chance at success? Whether you’re getting a kitten or adopting an adult cat from a shelter, the basic needs...
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Sweet as Peaches

Where would people be without their pets?  A question that weighs heavy on my mind – and heart – every time I meet someone like Robert. And a question that, frankly, I don’t want to know the answer to, even though I’ve heard it many times before. Every person I meet through Pet Resource Center has a pet who is...
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What Happens Now?

After a year like 2021, it’d be pretty easy to take a breather.  It was hard on us. Especially after the roller coaster ride of 2020. But there’s no way it wasn’t just as hard – or harder – on everyone else. What I learned in that time is that I’m lucky. Even though difficult and sometimes scary, I felt...
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5 Ways You Help Us Say ‘Yes’

Always find a way to help. Never turn anyone away for the inability to pay. These are the cornerstones of what we do here at Pet Resource Center. And it’s all possible because of the support we receive from the community in myriad ways.  We’ve put together this list of five easy ways you can help us say “yes” to...
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