October 2020

When the world’s best dog is all you need

It all started eight and a half years ago after Joshua saw a simple ad on Craigslist for the world’s best dog, not knowing how much Lucy would prove that to be true. His dog, Samson, had just passed away in a tragic accident, and he knew the only way to soothe that painful void in his heart as best...
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Keeping pets and people together… together

In the nonprofit world, you don’t just learn to make do with the little you have. You figure out every possible way to make the absolute most of it.  Sometimes it’s as simple as joining forces with people and organizations who, in some way, are working toward the same goal as you. For us and our community partners, that goal...
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The Scourge of Pet Obesity

Just one more treat.  That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it, when you’re sitting there with your pets? Just give ‘em one more treat. What harm could it do? But wait! Before you toss that treat, think about the ramifications. Fully 1/3 of pets are considered overweight, and if you factor in those who cross over into the obese category, we’re...
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“I like that we’re making a difference…”

With veterinarians in such high demand, we wanted to ask our two current veterinarians why it was important for them to work here.   It’s cool and bright, the way an early autumn day should be in KC, and Dr. Cruse is doing what she loves most.  It seems so anyway.  The wind kicks up some leaves that skitter across our...
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