April 2019

Smart Collars

To think that all these years we’ve just had regular old dumb homes. Now, with the advent of “smart” devices and their integration into our daily lives, we have “smart” homes: digital hubs that access and play music, thermostats that you can program from your phone, and doorbells with cameras you can watch while you’re at work. This is a...
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Who We Are and Why We’re Here

“People should know that this organization is full of people who truly care.” – Bre Wasinger, volunteer services manager … A couple of weeks ago we were short staffed so I jumped in to give a hand and found myself treading water in the controlled chaos that is morning check in. Normally admin staff like me don’t help in that...
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Moving Day! Making Moves Stress-Free

Moving is stressful. Packing everything up isn’t fun at all, and for people whose home is their refuge, it can be anxiety-inducing to have your living space in disarray. Plus you have to ask yourself the hard questions, like “Why was I saving all these soy sauce packets?” and “Was there another person living here that I didn’t know about?”...
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