February 2022

Is Your Best Friend Property?

I studied language in school. I love it still (makes sense given my work here as a writer). I especially love how the words people use show quite a bit about them as people: how they think, their attitudes, their biases and misunderstandings. This holds true on a larger scale for societies as well. The terms that we use when...
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Beautiful Chaos

All of my coworkers giggled at me when I walked back into the surgery suite with a cup of coffee in my hand, and now I know why. “You’re going to want a lid for that,” Erin chuckled. I didn’t have one, so the only logical thing to do at that moment was chug it. But I quickly regretted it,...
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A Friend Like No Other

I want to tell you about Josh and his special friend. Her name is Lucy.  Theirs is a story of intense friendship that both of them needed when they met and continued to need for the years that followed. Josh had lost “the best dog in the world” and was reeling in despair over it. At the same time, Lucy...
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The World Needs More Grandmas

When our staff sees an animal in need, we stop to help. It doesn’t matter if we’re on or off the clock, we know it’s the right thing to do. In this case, not only did it save a homeless pet’s life, but it landed her in a home where she gets more love than she ever could’ve imagined. With...
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