Two dogs snarling at each other before a fight.

Dog Fights: How to Prevent Them, and How to Stop Them When They Happen

If your dog has ever been in a fight with another canine, you know just how scary it can be. Fights can start in an instant, with serious damage being done in just seconds. That’s why as an owner it is so important to know how to break...
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A golden retriever puppy waits to get her cast re-wrapped.

Broken Bones in Cats and Dogs

When us humans break a bone the usual protocol is to wear a cast for a few or several weeks while your body does the majority of the work, healing itself while the cast keeps everything in place. You might think the same is for animals when they...
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Dogs at home laying in bed

Is your dog covered by your insurance policy?

Roughly 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. In 2022 alone there were 17,597 dog-related injury claims in the U.S., totaling 1.13 billion dollars. These statistics go to show that while your dog may be lovable and docile to you, animal behavior is unpredictable in an...
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dr carey stands with his hands on his hips

Lifting Up Where We Can

I’m watching the blood roll down Dr. Carey’s arm, but he isn’t letting go. We’ve been working with this dog, Patsy Mae, for several minutes, trying to get her vaccinations done. One of her nails got doc on the arm as she struggled, so it’s just a minor...
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Pet Resource Center of Kansas City helps keep pets and people together.

Do the Right Thing

One morning not so long ago it hit me.  I was in the parking lot, a place I’d been hundreds of times, maybe thousands, taking pictures,  helping clients, arranging cones, directing traffic, whatever was needed to keep everything moving.It’s not my normal job at PRCKC but this is...
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a doctor looks into the eyes of a puppy she's holding in her lap

Making Room, Taking Time: The Why and How of Urgent Care

Dr. Goldston and April with Puppie, a cat with hyperesthesia April talks with Puppie’s owner about treatment Nicolle comforts Foxy, who was injured on the neck by another dog Tuesday starts slow, which is good. Rachel can do her ordering to make sure urgent care is fully stocked....
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gray and white pit bull puppy resting its head on vet tech's shoulder

Pets, Vets and Mental Health

Content warning: this blog includes sensitive information surrounding mental health and suicide.  We’ve all had those days. The ones where you get home from work, plop down on your couch and take a few minutes to decompress after a stressful, overwhelming day. But then, without being prompted, your...
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brown and white Australian shepherd laying in the snow

True or False: Winter Pet Safety Edition

If you’re from the Midwest, then you know there are two different types of winters: one where it’s 50 degrees and sunny on Christmas Day, and one that is brutal, freezing and painful from November to February. Unfortunately we got unlucky this year. But, if you think about...
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woman petting dog as he wakes up after surgery

Animal Welfare Groups Pull Together to Help Unaltered Dog in KCK

After years of roaming the streets and siring an estimated 200 puppies, Rocky, the notorious “bachelor dog” of Kansas City, Kansas, has finally been neutered thanks to the tenacious efforts of several animal welfare and outreach groups in the area. Rocky, a 5 to 6-year-old brindle shepherd mix,...
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From the start: 20 years and counting

It was 2002 when Michelle saw a chance to make a change.  She had been at one of our local shelters (now closed) and had watched far too many animals – animals that were otherwise adoptable – be euthanized because there wasn’t space for them.  “I kept telling anyone...
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Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Two Feelings We Know All Too Well

We don’t want to feel this way—it just happens. The feeling of waking up tired no matter how much sleep you get. Or being so physically and mentally exhausted after work that your brain just shuts down and you do nothing but sit in silence for the rest...
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