Pet Food Pantry

PRCKC Pet Food Pantry: Here to help when you’re struggling to feed your pets

When dog and cat owners in Kansas City need help feeding their pets, they can turn to PRCKC. 

With the help of generous donors, community partners and companies, we’re able to provide food for thousands of pets each year. In fact, through July of 2020, we’ve distributed over 50 tons of pet food to individuals, shelters, rescues and churches throughout the midwest. 

We can do this because of the generosity of the big-hearted people and organizations in our community. They understand as we do that a family shouldn’t have to forego the love of a pet because they struggle to buy food from time to time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Although we don’t have specific financial criteria, our pet food pantry has been designed to serve people who are struggling to feed their pets. It is meant to supplement food that you already buy yourself when you just don’t quite have enough pet food to make it through the month. 

The pet food pantry requires an application, which you can see and fill out here. 

Do I have to be from Kansas City, Missouri?

There is no geographic restriction. We work with individuals, churches, rescues and shelters from all over the midwest so we’re glad to help wherever you happen to live. 

What kind of pet food do you have?

Typically we have a variety of food – both wet and dry – that is primarily for dogs and cats although we do sometimes get bird seed and rabbit food. We also have cat litter and sometimes milk replacer for puppies and kittens. 

While we do get a lot of regular donations from the same companies, we can’t promise that you’ll get the same food for your pets every month. We often have everything from basic pet food all the way up to boutique brands for specific animal sizes or breeds (for example: large breed puppy food). We do rotate it to keep expired food from being distributed. If your pet has special dietary requirements, please use the contact information below to get in touch and we can let you know what we have. 

How often can I get food?

Our pet food pantry days are typically once per month for participants of the program. However, if you’re having an urgent issue with pet food, we encourage you to contact us so we can help. 

Pet Food Pantry membership requires an application. Please see below to apply or to get in touch.

Over 95% of Pet Owners Consider Their Pet to be Family

Are you struggling to feed your family?

Our Pet Food Pantry can help. Call, email, or stop in to see us today!

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