April 2021

Pam and Blues: A story about how they saved each other’s lives

I could tell by the tremor in Pam’s voice that there’s no way she could make it through another loss. She told me that not too long ago she lost her husband of 34 years and then, shortly after that, her daughter. As she was telling me about everything she’s gone through over these past few years, I watched her...
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Our passion in living, breathing form

We fight to keep pets and people together because we know just how lost we’d all be without our own. With that being said, we want you to meet some of the faces who are the reason behind our undying passion for pets. And the same ones who motivate us every single day to make the special bond we share...
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Piece by Piece: The Secrets of Dog Body Language

So, unless you know something we don’t, dogs can’t talk. They do communicate, however, through their body language. Today we thought we’d take you through some of the common signals dogs use to indicate how they’re feeling. Even if you already own a dog, reading up and understanding all the signals they’re putting out there helps you be the best...
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