January 2021

Mama’s little girl

For Maria, the answer was easy.  She would pick her dog over heat in her house or a roof over her head any day. But that day came a little too close to becoming reality after her landlord said she either gets her 2-year-old pit bull mix fixed or chooses between losing the dog or the place they call home. ...
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A day in the life of outreach

Even if nothing on their schedule goes as planned, every day in our outreach department is a success. And although each day brings its own challenges, Ramona, Rae, Chris and Jaime walk out of these doors feeling grateful to have had the opportunity to positively impact at least one pet or person that day even if their tired eyes say...
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Delivering Care with Kindness

Our mission is to do our best for each patient who comes to see us.  That means we need a crack medical team who are capable of rolling their sleeves up and jumping into action every day. Two of our newest team members, Drs. Albrecht and Andelson, are on the job …    Q. Tell us a little about you Dr....
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How Training Helps Your Dog

Only an estimated 4% of dogs have been through any sort of training, which is a shame, because it has lots of benefits that go beyond the ability to sit and stay. Let’s look at a few. 1. Strengthening that bond. Dog training isn’t just about your dog learning to understand commands; it’s also about you learning how to understand...
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