April 2022

Lawn Care and Your Pet

You’re lounging in a chair in your yard. The sun is shining, birds are singing. Your dog is running around in the sea of green grass that surrounds you. You just cut the lawn yesterday, and your bare feet in the grass feels so good. The lawn means many things to many people. But how did it come to be?...
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Dear PRCKC Volunteers

A message from PRCKC Volunteer Services Manager Bre Wasinger: “I want to say thank you to each person on our volunteer team. They could do anything, go anywhere during their free time, and they choose to spend part of it here, helping us. People who volunteer have such a great blend of selflessness and drive, and I’m really lucky to...
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Parvo: Q&A with Dr. Melia Washington

Among diseases dogs can contract, parvovirus is one of the most heartbreaking, because it’s very contagious, lives a long time in the environment, and can wreak havoc on an unvaccinated pet, especially puppies, causing death. It’s no joke. We want to make sure you know everything you need to know about what it is, how it’s spread, and how you...
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Being Kind: A Never-Ending Job

There’s always something more that can be done. Granted, not every case we come across is as dire as others, but if we can help someone keep their pet by alleviating any burdens they might have 一 maybe that’s a bag of food to get them through until the next pay day or financial assistance so that their family member...
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