Pet Dental Care

Just like us, our pets can get toothaches.

Poor oral health doesn’t just hurt, either. Or smell bad. It can cause other issues, including infection, abscesses, malnutrition, and bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream and damage internal organs.

Plus, it just makes your pet miserable. When it gets bad enough, pets will even stop eating. But regular dental cleanings will help prevent poor oral health, keep your dog or cat healthier overall, and make sure they always feel their best.

We started a dental care program because many of our clients were concerned about their pets and had nowhere else to go. That’s why we now offer pet dental cleanings and other procedures to help keep your pet’s mouth happy and healthy.

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Dental Services and Costs

Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly what your pet needs until our team looks inside your pet’s mouth.

After performing a brief oral exam to assess the state of their teeth, we can give you a better estimate of costs. Please note, however, that this is only an estimate. We will do our best to get as close as we can to the final costs but your pet will need to be sedated before a thorough exam can be performed.

To book an appointment call our main number at (816-353-0940). For more information please email us at

These prices are not ala carte; rather, they reflect the actual need of your pet at the time of service as well as the cost of supplies and the time required to attend to your pet’s dental needs.

Dental Packages

Level 1
Level 1: Routine scaling/polishing with 0-2 extractions
Level 2
2-10 extractions of loose teeth
Level 3
Extraction of any large tooth (canine, carnassial, molar) OR extraction of over 10 loose teeth
Level 4
Extraction of multiple large teeth OR extraction of over 1/2 of teeth
Level 5
Extractions of most of the remaining teeth or full mouth extractions

*Cost of antibiotics and certain extra pain medication not included in the estimate.

**NOTE: We do not offer dentals for pets over 12 years old.