September 2021

Lucas and the Homeless Camp

Some things, you don’t forget. You can’t. For me, Lucas’ face will be one of those things. I’m not a veterinarian, I’m in communications. Working here, I’ve gotten used to the idea that I’m going to see some things that might be off-putting to most people. Sometimes you see a dog that’s been bitten by another dog. Sometimes you have...
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The Way Forward: How to Take Animal Welfare In KC Where It Needs to Go

The trend in animal welfare now sweeping the nation is being called the “progressive approach.” What that boils down to is something that closely mirrors the efforts our PRCKC outreach team has been practicing: being non-judgmental and using education and resources to address issues related to shortcomings in animal care and to prevent animals from being relinquished because owners feel...
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The Power to Hope

*This is an update of sorts to a previous story we did about the unfolding difficulties that pets and people are facing in the northeast area of Kansas City.  … Of all the gifts that our pets bestow upon us, hope might be the most powerful.  It stems from their dedication to and love for us, regardless of how we...
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5 Things to Know About Pets With Allergies

The sound of my dog licking her paws drives me insane. But a while back I noticed she was doing it, like, a lot. She started losing patches of hair, her eyes were red and swollen and then she got another chronic ear infection (She’s had more ear infections than all of my other pets combined, and, at the time...
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