August 2021

Manifesting Hope Until Sunrise

Emily anxiously watched the sun define the city skyline before dialing the numbers 8-1-6-3-5-3-0-9-4-0 on her phone. We didn’t open until 8 a.m., but she couldn’t manifest hope any longer. She left us a message at 7:45 saying the crisis hotline gave her our number and it was urgent. Her cats, Calvin and Annie Belle, were hungry, and she needed...
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For Some, Life Is Not Getting Anything Close to Better

We don’t like to write stories like this.  Instead, we want our voice to highlight the good that is happening in our city for both pets and people. Because – without a doubt – there is plenty to share about the positive impacts our compassionate community is having on the world around us.  We see it every day with our...
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Brutus and Friends

There’s not a soul in the world that Brutus won’t walk up to and lick. Reptiles, insects, kittens, it doesn’t matter. The pit bull wants to hurt no one, and he never meets a stranger. “He just wants to be everyone’s friend,” says his mom, Amanda. “Sometimes the birds aren’t the biggest fans of this and he’ll get bit on...
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Animals’ Lives Are At Stake

I have been doing this for well beyond 20 years and I have seen significant progress in that time.  Until now.  We have serious concerns for the animals in our community and, as conditions for marginalized animals deteriorate, it’s time to be their voice. Because of the pandemic and changes in how we handled animal control, it’s time to speak...
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