November 2020

5 razones por las que adoptar a una mascota mejora el mundo para todos

Puede que no seamos un refugio de animales o una organización del rescate, pero todavía entendemos el poder que las mascotas tienen en nuestras vidas. Y le debemos mucho de eso a todas las mascotas rescatadas que históricamente son pasadas por alto por razones que son difíciles de explicar. Sin embargo, lo que le podemos decir es que todas las...
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Holidays Are Here: How to Protect the (Furry) Ones You Love

Many years ago, when I had first moved into my house, my newly adopted dog, Sidney, a ridgeback shepherd mix, took it upon himself to water my newly staged Christmas tree.   As his generous “output” sprinkled the branches and soaked the gifts below, I was shocked of course, but I also laughed at how quickly he decided to claim the...
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What I learned my first year working in animal welfare

My first official year in animal welfare was not like anything I had imagined, but yet I wouldn’t change a single thing for the world. Very quickly in my college career did I learn that animal welfare was the place where I wanted to be, so my final semester I applied for a job opening at PRCKC. I didn’t get...
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For the Love of Seniors

“Old age does not announce itself.” — South African proverb You don’t expect it. After years of companionship, something’s different about your furry friend. They move differently. They slow down a little bit. It’s time to face it; your pet’s getting older. PET AGING Used to be that you could easily figure out your dog’s “real” age by multiplying how...
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5 reasons why adopting a pet makes the world a better place for everyone

We may not be an animal shelter or a rescue, but we understand the power of pets all the same. And we owe a great deal of that to all the amazing shelter pets who are historically overlooked for reasons we find hard to explain.  However, what we can tell you is all the reasons why adopting one is the...
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Cuando el mejor perro del mundo es todo lo que necesita

Todo comenzó hace ocho años y medio después de que Joshua vio un simple anuncio en Craigslist para el mejor perro del mundo, sin saber que Lucy demostraría que eso era verdad. Su perro, Samson, había fallecido en un trágico accidente, y sabía que la única manera de aliviar el dolor que sentía en el corazón lo mejor que pudo...
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