May 2018

All For a Friend Named Leroy

This is a story about perspective. It’s about loss and pain and struggle. But what stands out is that it’s also a story about unconditional love. And that friendship really matters. What doesn’t matter is how many legs those friends...
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Splish Splash: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Water

With summer upon us (maybe earlier than we wanted, right?), a lot of folks will have their dogs around the water. And a great many of those dogs will want to give swimming a try. It’s a great way to...
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Day in the Life: Wellness Care Clinic

Nine a.m. arrives relatively quietly on this Wednesday. Surgery check-in goes until 8:30, and there aren’t too many people running late, so we’re actually a little quiet in the waiting area. One man is already waiting, though. James has two...
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