May 2018

All For a Friend Named Leroy

This is a story about perspective. It’s about loss and pain and struggle. But what stands out is that it’s also a story about unconditional love. And that friendship really matters. What doesn’t matter is how many legs those friends happen to have. … I first met John sitting in our waiting room. Ramona, our community cat and resource coordinator,...
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Splish Splash: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Water

With summer upon us (maybe earlier than we wanted, right?), a lot of folks will have their dogs around the water. And a great many of those dogs will want to give swimming a try. It’s a great way to cool off, of course, but also one of the most fun things you and your dog can do together. Trust...
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Day in the Life: Wellness Care Clinic

Nine a.m. arrives relatively quietly on this Wednesday. Surgery check-in goes until 8:30, and there aren’t too many people running late, so we’re actually a little quiet in the waiting area. One man is already waiting, though. James has two pups, Finnley and Veda, and he’s an eager pup dad, not super familiar with puppies and a little nervous, but...
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