May 2022

What does breed mean?

What breed doesn’t tell you You may have seen the recent study that came out looking at the correlation between breed and behavior. In short, researchers determined through surveying nearly 20,000 dogs from a wide variety of backgrounds that “dog...
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Tiny but Mighty: The Dangers of Pyometra

Warning: In this blog, we will be talking about a condition called pyometra, a secondary uterine infection that occurs when an unspayed female experiences hormonal changes. Pyometra can be fatal if left untreated, so we made the decision to include...
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Street Life: This Struggle is Real

My first trip out is in December. Sort of warm to start. Sort of. As the sky turns gray and then black, the wind grows some teeth and the temps get frisky.   It’s not the bone-jarring cold that we can...
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Phoning A Friend

The phones at Pet Resource Center of Kansas City never seem to stop ringing, but that’s because there is always someone else who needs our help.  Hundreds of people a day, to be exact. Some are just looking to be...
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