Saved by A Four-Legged Friend

Dogs and cats can change our lives. That's why we believe so strongly in the human animal bond.

We believe in the power of pets to change lives in dramatic ways. And this submission, made by an PRCKC client, reveals how true that actually is.

We are running it here with only a little editing for length and clarity because it’s an incredible testament to the impact pets have on our lives.

I was a mess. I had gone through a terrible breakdown and admitted myself to the hospital. I was there for almost a month. When I came home, I was still extremely depressed. I spent 10 months in my bedroom. No TV.  Nothing. Four walls, a door, and a window. I slept. I cried. I didn’t eat. Sometimes I read. Mostly I just slept, cried, and stared at ….. nothing. I was barely hygienic. One day, I got online and started looking for a puppy or a senior dog. I had the strongest ‘feeling’ that I needed something that needed ME. After two  weeks, I connected with a woman who worked in a vet’s office but who, on her own time, went around the tri-State area rescuing animals …. from kill shelters, from private homes, from wherever she could find them and then she found them homes.

She asked me what I was looking for. I didn’t care. Gender didn’t matter. There was a weight restriction and dog breed restriction where I lived so we went over those details. A few days after we spoke, I was having my usual staring at the walls, crying, etc., morning and around noon-ish I started thinking of a name. Freya. What?!?! All afternoon, like a song you can’t get out of your head ….. Freya ….. Freya ….. Freya. Ok. What is a ‘Freya’? Norse goddess of love. Ok. Freya …. Freya …. Freya, I’m telling you it would …… not…….stop. Around 3 p.m., I got a call that this woman had just rescued a family of dogs. Mom, dad, a boy and 2 girls who were about 6-7 weeks old or so.

Their situation was horrible. It was a hot June and they were kept out in the yard with no shelter. Mom wasn’t able to feed the puppies anymore. It was bad. Did I want one? Did I want one?!?!?!? YES! Ok. I spoke with my daughter who connected with the rescuer because she was going to pick up my new puppy. I couldn’t wait!

Now, understand, my kids (all grown) thought I was C-R-A-Z-Y! I couldn’t take care of myself so how was I going to take care of a puppy!? Don’t worry, I told them. They really got on me about this whole puppy thing. But, I knew in my heart this was the right. I was supposed to be doing this.

About 6 p.m. my daughter and grand-daughter arrived with the tiniest solid black little ……. baby! She placed her into my waiting arms and I looked at this precious gift and said ….. ‘Hello, my precious one. I love you so much already and I’ll always keep you safe. You’ll ALWAYS be loved. And ….. your name is ….. Freya.’ I stayed awake all night that first night just looking at her and touching her and thanking God for her. Remember …. I hadn’t left my room …. my BED …. for 10 months! The very next day, I was out front, on the lawn, rolling around with Freya. The day after, we went to the big grassy field across the way from my house with a blanket and just laid outside where she slept, walked, just looked around. She slept in my bed, ate in my room, got ‘pee pad’ trained in my room. If she twitched during the night I was wide awake! Except for our daily forays outside, she stayed in my room until she was about 3 months old ….. getting potty trained. That was five yrs ago.

Freya has done far more for her human than she has done for the little dog.

My Freya saved my life. I truly believe that. I believe I would have eventually just wallowed away and died in that bed/room. We walk 2x/day during the coldest months. 3+ times/day in the warmer months. Cold/warm … doesn’t matter … on laundry day we take mini-walks every time I switch the laundry over. She loves laundry day – lol. She’s become my therapy dog. I would do anything for her. Anything.

This little dog helped bring her owner out of depression. Studies show that people with pets are happier and suffer fewer illnesses.

I’m not overly religious by any means but I DO believe. I believe God brought Freya into my life to save it. I believe the Angels named her. I would never have chosen a black dog. I had little grand-kids who I thought would name her some silly name and I would NEVER have named her ‘Freya.’ But, there you have it.

I have PTSD, some anxiety along with my depression. She knows when I’m going to have an ‘attack’ and is right there in my lap with the kisses and hugs (yes, she can hug me!). I KNOW she saved my life. Many times over the past five  years this little one has ‘saved’ me. I may have rescued my Freya ….. but Freya, by leaps and bounds, rescued me more.

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