Powered by People: Asking for Help is How We Save Lives

This holiday season, you’ll likely be asked if you can help an organization (or several) with a donation. Thing is, nonprofits like PRCKC rely on people like you to keep the mission going. It’s the reality of our world.

But – and this is a biggie – PRCKC is fairly unique in this space because a portion of our operating and services budget comes from the clients who walk through our doors. Even with the low-cost services and subsidies we provide, we’ve been able to maximize efficiency to make this a possibility.

But – and here’s the second biggie – there’s still a gap. And, of course, there’s always more to be done. Which is why we send out appeals. These “asks” demonstrate what we’re doing to improve lives, which also shows how important contributions are to that process.

So, bottom line: we need to ask for support to keep offering these critical services to the community. By asking (and being on the receiving end of a huge bunch of generosity over the years), we’ve been able to reduce shelter intake dramatically. And also cut down on pet homelessness. That means when you see a letter – like the holiday appeal below – it’s there because we’ve got more good stuff to get done for pets and people.

Each year we raise money to help spay and neuter more dogs and cats, plus provide other support services.
In animal welfare the work is never done so fundraising is important on an ongoing basis.

If you’re not on our mailing list there could be any number of reasons. But if you want to be on it, let us know by sending your mailing address to [email protected].

Finally, we also send some great, entertaining, educational content out every month with our email newsletter, “The Scoop.” If you want to sign up for it just go here now and sign up. We don’t spam or harrass, just solid animal-related info to brighten your day and help you understand pet-related issues better.

Of course, we also need to say this: if you want to donate, please go here right now and make a contribution. We also need more monthly donors so please consider that option.

If you have questions about appeals or anything else we do to make ends meet, we’re an open book. Transparency and accountability are two things we believe in all the way.

As always, we appreciate your support and can only do what we do because of your generosity.

Happiest of holidays.

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