Compassion Always Wins: Focus on Customer Care

Customer service is never easy but the PRCKC team really enjoys the opportunity to help people.

The first thing you have to know is that it’s never easy. Ever. 

That doesn’t seem to matter. No matter what the day brings, the PRCKC customer service staff seem to always have a ready smile and a quick answer for the barrage of questions that come their way every day. 

Their happy faces are what you see first when you walk through our door. And they’re the ones saying goodbye and shouting out a “THANK YOU” as you leave later on.  

In between the comings and goings, they’ll face dozens of situations that could rattle the cage of the most hardened customer service veteran. Medical emergencies, escaped cats, surprise bathroom breaks by dogs well north of 100 lbs. To them it’s all in a day’s work.  

They are driven by a desire to help our clients and their pets receive the care and attention they need. They are the face of PRCKC that most people would recognize and interact with when they visit. And they greet each day with the desire to let compassion lead the way.  

Here, then, are our customer care staff answering questions about their labor of love.  

Anna Ramirez

Spay and Neuter KC clients get greeted by Anna and her team with smiles.
Anna is always ready with a smile.

Tell us about your job?

In my role at PRCKC, I have the pleasure of assisting pets and their people with preventative medicine, resources and education. 

What do you like about it?

I enjoy getting the chance to see first hand the impact that I’m making in my community. Pets bring out the best in people and as far as I’m concerned, everyone should have the chance to receive a pet’s love and companionship. I love being part of the team that removes everyday obstacles for pet owners so that they may keep their fury friend healthy and in their home(s).

What is one powerful anecdote about working here that reveals what it’s really like?

I vividly remember one of the first times I was able to personally provide a pet parent with necessary pet food. The woman hugged me without the slightest amount of hesitation, and it felt so incredibly sincere. She thanked me and assured me of how helpful the pet food would be to her and her pets. In that moment I truly felt like my “piece” of the puzzle that is PRCKC was making a positive impact. 

What would your PRCKC teammates say about you? 

I [hope to] think that my teammates would describe me as a “bright” person who always tries to help where I can.

Melissa Wimpy

For Mel, helping dogs and cats is a special calling.
Melissa (or Mel, as we know her), is always here to help.

Tell us about your job?

My job is to make sure that every client that comes in has a positive experience and leaves here with more than they started with.  It is my job to ensure that pets can have the best possible life and chance with their owners.  

What do you like about it?

My favorite thing about my job is to see the animals and the love that they have for their owners/vice versatile.  I love being able to help them when they aren’t sure how to make ends meet.  

What is one powerful anecdote about working here that reveals what it’s really like?

A powerful anecdote of mine would be the ability to offer medical assistance to clients in need.  Take for instance, “wax cat.” A client brought A little cat in after she had gotten into a wax burner.  Her leg was horribly burned. We got her set up for medical assistance and gave her the care that she needed, right here.  After several follow up appointments, wax cat was healed and ready to enjoy life with her mom.  

What would your PRCKC teammates say about you? 

My teammates would say that I’m outgoing, weird, and probably sing too much.

Ruth Carvallo

Like the rest of the Pet Resource Center of Kansas City team, Ruth is all about the services we can provide for dog and cats owners.
Carrying a bag of food out for a client (or several) is all in a day’s work for Ruth.

Tell us about your job?

My job is customer service. I work at the front desk checking in for surgery and checking out from the Wellness Clinic.  

What do you like about it?

I like that it’s different everyday, even though the process does not change.   

What is one powerful anecdote about working here that reveals what it’s really like?

 I had a lady come in to surgery check in and she said she had just lost her job and was not able to pay for all of her surgery and needed assistance. She gave me the feeling that she was really struggling and I worked to help her get the surgery she needed for her pets.

What would your PRCKC teammates say about you? 

Jasmine said I’m funny and I’m positive and work efficiently.

Beatriz Alfaro 

Whether it's a surgery appointment or questions about vaccines, Beatriz is quick with a thoughtful, informative answer.
Beatriz likes to be helping clients because, as she says: “We’re here to assist them in any way we can.”

Tell us about your job?

As a customer service representative, our job focuses on giving people the best service and experience possible. We are the first faces our clients are greeted by as they walk in and we’re here to assist them in any way we can. That can range from checking in a pet for surgery or vaccinations, someone needing pet resources, to simply answering any questions they may have regarding their pet(s).

What do you like about it?

I have always liked working with people, especially the community that PRCKC serves. Here at PRCKC, we are able to help those most in need to keep their pets happy and healthy. We are able to provide resources to pet owners that otherwise wouldn’t find help elsewhere.

What is one powerful anecdote about working here that reveals what it’s really like?

I once was on the phone with a client, setting up two surgery appointments when the client mentioned needing financial assistance. I followed our process for financial assistance as normal until the client relayed to me a bit of her story. The client’s daughter had found the two cats and asked to keep them, but the client wanted to first get them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The problem now was that the client is unemployed and has been since she was diagnosed with Leukemia. We were able to assist with all costs of the two surgeries and vaccinations and the client was in tears with gratitude for us having taken the time to help.

What would your PRCKC teammates say about you? 

I think my teammates would say that I have a positive spirit and am always willing to help.

The mission is to always be helping.
Like all staff at PRCKC, Mel is always trying to do what she can to help keep pets
and people together.
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