In the Field with K-State

As part of our partnership with Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and their shelter medicine program, we go out twice a month in their amazing RV to provide treatment and advice to some of our outreach clients.

The purpose of these outings is to not only provide treatment to the clients who need it most (subsidized by grant funding), but also to get vet students into the field and meet clients where they are. This means finding workable solutions in real-life situations where options can be sometimes limited.

It’s also about getting them into the mindset of diagnosing ailments and conditions that they’ll be seeing throughout their professional lives, and working through treatment options logically to find the best course of action.

On this trip we focused a lot on the first stop, a gentleman named Omar and his rescued street dogs Era and Thor, and their two puppies. We go into more detail in our podcast episode on this topic, which you can find here.