August 13, 2023

The One About the Teeth

When we talk about lifesaving services, we don't often throw dental services into the mix, but the truth is that so many pet owners don't understand how bad (and how painful) periodontal disease is for their furry family members. Today we're going into our dental services suite to take a look at this program and how we're helping pet owners...
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Dog Fights: How to Prevent Them, and How to Stop Them When They Happen

If your dog has ever been in a fight with another canine, you know just how scary it can be. Fights can start in an instant, with serious damage being done in just seconds. That’s why as an owner it is so important to know how to break up a dog fight, and how to prevent them from happening in...
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July 9, 2023

All The Dogs in Humansville

We're headed to a puppy mill rescue operation in Humansville, Missouri, with our friends from Bissell Pet Foundation, National Mill Dog Rescue, Wayside Waifs, and more. It takes a village to create make something of this size come together, and we're taking you behind the scenes.
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Broken Bones in Cats and Dogs

When us humans break a bone the usual protocol is to wear a cast for a few or several weeks while your body does the majority of the work, healing itself while the cast keeps everything in place. You might think the same is for animals when they break a bone, but unfortunately, it’s not that easy. When a pet...
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June 11, 2023

Getting Your Feet Wet

We're headed out into the field with K-State Vet students as part of our partnership. They get experience in the field meeting pet owners where they are, and we get to expose the next generation of vets to our way of doing animal welfare.
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May 7, 2023

Helping the Homeless

Our partnership with Uplift takes us into the community to help the pets of folks struggling with homelessness. We talk about the program and the people who make it happen on this episode. Also: we chat with Dr. Washington about fixing a diaphragmatic hernia. Plus: yet another co-host? Yep, and we think she's a keeper!
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Lifting Up Where We Can

I’m watching the blood roll down Dr. Carey’s arm, but he isn’t letting go. We’ve been working with this dog, Patsy Mae, for several minutes, trying to get her vaccinations done. One of her nails got doc on the arm as she struggled, so it’s just a minor scratch that’s bleeding, but still. This is likely a far different retirement...
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April 9, 2023

Pet Food Pantry and the Power of Volunteers

For National Volunteer Week, we’re looking at the one outreach program that’s fully run by volunteers: our pet food pantry. Also, we chat with our chief vet about intestinal blockages.
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Making Room, Taking Time: The Why and How of Urgent Care

Dr. Goldston and April with Puppie, a cat with hyperesthesia April talks with Puppie’s owner about treatment Nicolle comforts Foxy, who was injured on the neck by another dog Tuesday starts slow, which is good. Rachel can do her ordering to make sure urgent care is fully stocked. It’s not as easy to order for as some other departments because...
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