animal-human bond

Lifting Up Where We Can

I’m watching the blood roll down Dr. Carey’s arm, but he isn’t letting go. We’ve been working with this dog, Patsy Mae, for several minutes, trying to get her vaccinations done. One of her nails got doc on the arm as she struggled, so it’s just a minor scratch that’s bleeding, but still. This is likely a far different retirement...
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Pets, Vets and Mental Health

Content warning: this blog includes sensitive information surrounding mental health and suicide.  We’ve all had those days. The ones where you get home from work, plop down on your couch and take a few minutes to decompress after a stressful, overwhelming day. But then, without being prompted, your dog jumps up next to you, nuzzles their head underneath your arm...
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It Matters Now More Than Ever

It’s easy in the day-to-day to put your head down and do your work and not look at the big picture. Days are busy, and full of pets who need help. You look for the bright spots that make all the effort worthwhile. The success stories, the families we keep together through supportive services, the person who managed to come...
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Our Mission: To Focus On the Positive

No question, this is a tough “business.” Those of us working in it confront difficult situations regularly. And sometimes it seems, there’s  not much of a breather before the next difficult case lands in our laps.  Thing is, nobody enters into this without knowing how hard it can be. We know of and work with many incredible people doing incredible...
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In Five Years Time

Sometimes, I look around and wonder how so much could’ve happened in such a short amount of time. … I came here in September of 2017. At the time, I was one of 21 full-time employees for an organization that was helping between 16-17,000 pets a year. Our name was Spay and Neuter Kansas City, but we did more than...
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A House is Not a Home

I think about Trey and Missy a lot.  Every time I drive through the area in which they stay (which is daily), I look for them, just to give me peace of mind and make sure they’re doing OK. I even keep a bag of food within an arm’s reach in case they (or anyone else in need) are sitting...
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Being Kind: A Never-Ending Job

There’s always something more that can be done. Granted, not every case we come across is as dire as others, but if we can help someone keep their pet by alleviating any burdens they might have 一 maybe that’s a bag of food to get them through until the next pay day or financial assistance so that their family member...
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Is Your Best Friend Property?

I studied language in school. I love it still (makes sense given my work here as a writer). I especially love how the words people use show quite a bit about them as people: how they think, their attitudes, their biases and misunderstandings. This holds true on a larger scale for societies as well. The terms that we use when...
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The World Needs More Grandmas

When our staff sees an animal in need, we stop to help. It doesn’t matter if we’re on or off the clock, we know it’s the right thing to do. In this case, not only did it save a homeless pet’s life, but it landed her in a home where she gets more love than she ever could’ve imagined. With...
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