Stories of Love: A Blog

a cat lays on a window sill

You’re getting your first cat. Now what?

You’ve just taken your first step into a larger world and decided to get a cat. You’ve never had a cat before. What do you do? How do you begin? What do you need to give this new friend their best chance at success? Whether you’re getting a...
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man hugging pit bull

Sweet as Peaches

Where would people be without their pets?  A question that weighs heavy on my mind – and heart – every time I meet someone like Robert. And a question that, frankly, I don’t want to know the answer to, even though I’ve heard it many times before. Every...
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The PRCKC team is here to help.

What Happens Now?

After a year like 2021, it’d be pretty easy to take a breather.  It was hard on us. Especially after the roller coaster ride of 2020. But there’s no way it wasn’t just as hard – or harder – on everyone else. What I learned in that time...
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woman hugging basset hound puppy

5 Ways You Help Us Say ‘Yes’

Always find a way to help. Never turn anyone away for the inability to pay. These are the cornerstones of what we do here at Pet Resource Center. And it’s all possible because of the support we receive from the community in myriad ways.  We’ve put together this...
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family playing with dog

It All Starts With People

September 30, 2010.  That was the day PRCKC Founder and CEO Michelle Rivera realized something that was going to change our organization, formerly known as Spay and Neuter Kansas City, forever. “We’re going to help everyone,” she said. “People and pets.” … Our team, which consisted of less...
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When our outreach team went to visit Hani, it was clear that he loved his pets.

When Hani Chose Love

There are good people out there… … Sometimes we get a picture of the entire community through the actions of a few bad people. And in animal welfare, we do see some bad people. That doesn’t make us unique, of course, but it can lead to believing that...
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A man sitting at a table works on some paperwork

The Work We Do

As we head toward the end of another year of saying “yes” to clients and providing as much help as we possibly can, we inevitably look back to see how we’re doing, what kind of impact we’re making in our community, and how far we’ve come in helping...
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man kissing boxer pit mix on head

Helping Has Never Been Easier

There is no book of rules to follow when it comes to keeping pets and people together. Each case is different, so we just figure out what it takes to make sure they continue to have one another. Sometimes that could mean all an owner needs is a...
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Winter safety for pets is as important as winter safety for humans

Weathering the Winter: 7 Tips for Surviving the Cold

It always happens this way.  You’re enjoying a great 70 degree weekend and then – BOOM – it’s dark at 5:00 and the weather turns harsh in a snap.  Let’s be honest here. It’s not fun for humans or animals. Unless, of course, your dog or cat is...
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a man holds a bag and smiles at the camera

In Memory of Carl

We lost a client last week that we’d been working with for at least a decade. His name was Carl, and he was one of the best friends to cats that I’ve ever met. Even so, the first thing I heard about Carl was that he wasn’t always...
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What It Truly Means to Be a Vet Tech

The respect and appreciation I have for my coworkers, the veterinary clinic assistants who keep this place running and the kind humans I’m proud to call my friends, grows every day. But, if I were to put myself in their scrubs, I honestly don’t think I could do...
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black and tan mixed breed dog

The Silver Lining of Heartworm

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to deliver the news that we know is going to shatter a pet owner’s heart. But, on the bright side, we now have a program that will help them pick up the pieces.  Cherree is a heartworm warrior. The first time...
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