Stories of Love: A Blog

Kari rescued Ransom from the streets and gave him a loving home.

Holding Ransom

It’s hard to imagine Kari’s dog in his other life.  He smiles with ease and, since he’s a youngster, is rather mischievous. No toy is safe around his eager mouth. And tug-of-war … forget about it. If it’s in your hand, he wants to grab it and wrestle...
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An American Dog Tick

Talking ’bout ticks (and the diseases they cause)

Ticks. Yuck. Right? I mean, they’re pretty gross. But they’re more than just gross. They’re dangerous, and not just for you. Dogs in particular are more common hosts for ticks than humans are. And cats are vulnerable, too.  More than that, climate change is creating shifts in where...
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smiley blue fawn pit bull with happy owner

Pam and Blue: A story about how they saved each other’s lives

I could tell by the tremor in Pam’s voice that there’s no way she could make it through another loss. She told me that not too long ago she lost her husband of 34 years and then, shortly after that, her daughter. As she was telling me about...
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pit bull puppy with cleft palate

Our passion in living, breathing form

We fight to keep pets and people together because we know just how lost we’d all be without our own. With that being said, we want you to meet some of the faces who are the reason behind our undying passion for pets. And the same ones who...
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Piece by Piece: The Secrets of Dog Body Language

So, unless you know something we don’t, dogs can’t talk. They do communicate, however, through their body language. Today we thought we’d take you through some of the common signals dogs use to indicate how they’re feeling. Even if you already own a dog, reading up and understanding...
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high school intern cuddling black and white pit bull mix puppy

The next generation of vets eager to lead with love

When someone tells you they’ve wanted to be a veterinarian ever since they were a little kid, you almost never have to ask why.  Ninety-nine percent of the time the first person they ever found a friend in was their childhood pet, and that relationship is what made...
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Dogs and cats are family but they're also different than humans in many ways.

Pets Are People, Too

How much are our animals like us?  If you have spent any time at all on social media you know that there are plenty of people anthropomorphizing their pets. That’s a big word that I couldn’t pronounce or spell until I looked it up, BTW. It means attributing...
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young boy and gray pit bull

Preparing your pet for a tiny human

“So, how many kids do you have?” they ask me. “Three,” I say. “Beesley is 4 years old. Maeby is 2. And Marley’s 11 months.” The stranger starts to gush, patiently waiting for me to pull up a photo while secretly questioning my interesting choice of names. But...
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several people sit on the ground drawing vaccines

Checking In and Stepping Up

Every morning starts the same. But not in the way that you’re thinking. It’s not a glum, meandering affair here in the morning. It’s active, lively. Vaccines are being drawn, paperwork is being prepared. Scattered laughter echoes in the high ceilings. And before the doors open, we all...
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The PRCKC team stands in front of the newly painted building

The Early Years (and Onward)

Michelle Rivera, our CEO and founder, prefers to stay clear of the spotlight. But any discussion of history regarding this organization requires her reluctant participation. That’s why we got her to sit down and tell us the story of what it took to bring PRCKC into existence. The...
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Bud and Sabrina

Operation Sabrina

“You just don’t understand what I’m offering you,” Linda’s heart ached as these words faded faster and further into the empty apartment each time she visited. “You’re going to be so spoiled. You’re just going to love it. I’m going to shower you with attention, and as soon...
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Our veterinarians don't hesitate to go where needed.

What You Don’t See

It’s 7:45 in the morning and mostly quiet. Even though there have been people here for quite a while, this is the time when the day really gets going.   … At the morning meeting, we talk about the day ahead. It’s also a time when different departments get...
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