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pet resource center of kansas city veterinarians

Meet Our Vets: The Heart of PRCKC

Choosing a vet is a big decision. Pets are members of the family, so it’s important to pick a veterinarian who you know will take great care of your pet and always keep their best interests in mind. And, more importantly, love them like their own.   That’s why...
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woman hugging blue pit bull with puppies

Our Mission: To Focus On the Positive

No question, this is a tough “business.” Those of us working in it confront difficult situations regularly. And sometimes it seems, there’s  not much of a breather before the next difficult case lands in our laps.  Thing is, nobody enters into this without knowing how hard it can...
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two german shepherds with tongues hanging out

5 Summer Essentials For Pets

Before I worked here, I didn’t think much about the things I’m about to tell you.  I didn’t know about heartworms or flystrike or how much more difficult it is for pets to shed heat compared to us. Or … how many pets actually live outside.  Now, it’s...
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veterinarian and tech smiling and hugging patient after surgery

When Hope Was Running Out

As we were driving away, I watched Janice wave through the side-view mirror until our Ford Transit disappeared around the corner. We were transporting her dog, Maxey, to our clinic for surgery, and it was the first time since her husband passed away that I think she had...
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an orange kitty looks off into the distance

Common Cat Issues (and what to do about them)

Cats are great. Nobody’s gonna deny that (okay, some people would very much like to deny that, but that’s alright).  But even people who love cats don’t always understand their mysterious ways, or have learned some “common sense” techniques for dealing with cat problems that maybe don’t stand...
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The PRCKC team is here to help.

In Five Years Time

Sometimes, I look around and wonder how so much could’ve happened in such a short amount of time. … I came here in September of 2017. At the time, I was one of 21 full-time employees for an organization that was helping between 16-17,000 pets a year. Our...
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man and dog smiling while embracing one another

A House is Not a Home

I think about Trey and Missy a lot.  Every time I drive through the area in which they stay (which is daily), I look for them, just to give me peace of mind and make sure they’re doing OK. I even keep a bag of food within an...
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pet resource center of kc and bestybnb group photo

Q&A with Zoë Agnew-Svboda of BestyBnB

At the end of the day, we all have one goal. And that’s to keep pets and people together.  But that’s a task that would be impossible to accomplish if we didn’t join forces with other local organizations who want to preserve and protect the human-animal bond and...
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A corgi shakes its head

What does breed mean?

What breed doesn’t tell you You may have seen the recent study that came out looking at the correlation between breed and behavior. In short, researchers determined through surveying nearly 20,000 dogs from a wide variety of backgrounds that “dog breed is generally a poor predictor of individual...
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man comforting his dalmatian after pyometra surgery

Tiny but Mighty: The Dangers of Pyometra

Warning: In this blog, we will be talking about a condition called pyometra, a secondary uterine infection that occurs when an unspayed female experiences hormonal changes. Pyometra can be fatal if left untreated, so we made the decision to include photos from the procedure to demonstrate just how...
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Life on the streets is a difficult life. But people without homes do have and love dogs and cats.

Street Life: This Struggle is Real

My first trip out is in December. Sort of warm to start. Sort of. As the sky turns gray and then black, the wind grows some teeth and the temps get frisky.   It’s not the bone-jarring cold that we can get at times here in KC. But enough...
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call center supervisor at her desk grinning while on the phone

Phoning A Friend

The phones at Pet Resource Center of Kansas City never seem to stop ringing, but that’s because there is always someone else who needs our help.  Hundreds of people a day, to be exact. Some are just looking to be connected with affordable veterinary services or resources, and...
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