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The Way Forward: How to Take Animal Welfare In KC Where It Needs to Go

The trend in animal welfare now sweeping the nation is being called the “progressive approach.” What that boils down to is something that closely mirrors the efforts our PRCKC outreach team has been practicing: being non-judgmental and using education and resources to address issues related to shortcomings in...
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A dog behind a fence

The Power to Hope

*This is an update of sorts to a previous story we did about the unfolding difficulties that pets and people are facing in the northeast area of Kansas City.  … Of all the gifts that our pets bestow upon us, hope might be the most powerful.  It stems...
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5 Things to Know About Pets With Allergies

The sound of my dog licking her paws drives me insane. But a while back I noticed she was doing it, like, a lot. She started losing patches of hair, her eyes were red and swollen and then she got another chronic ear infection (She’s had more ear...
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orange and white cat

Manifesting Hope Until Sunrise

Emily anxiously watched the sun define the city skyline before dialing the numbers 8-1-6-3-5-3-0-9-4-0 on her phone. We didn’t open until 8 a.m., but she couldn’t manifest hope any longer. She left us a message at 7:45 saying the crisis hotline gave her our number and it was...
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Helping dogs and cats in Kansas City has required more effort since the COVID pandemic.

For Some, Life Is Not Getting Anything Close to Better

We don’t like to write stories like this.  Instead, we want our voice to highlight the good that is happening in our city for both pets and people. Because – without a doubt – there is plenty to share about the positive impacts our compassionate community is having...
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white pit bull with blue macaw

Brutus and Friends

There’s not a soul in the world that Brutus won’t walk up to and lick. Reptiles, insects, kittens, it doesn’t matter. The pit bull wants to hurt no one, and he never meets a stranger. “He just wants to be everyone’s friend,” says his mom, Amanda. “Sometimes the...
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Animals’ Lives Are At Stake

I have been doing this for well beyond 20 years and I have seen significant progress in that time.  Until now.  We have serious concerns for the animals in our community and, as conditions for marginalized animals deteriorate, it’s time to be their voice. Because of the pandemic...
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Kari rescued Ransom from the streets and gave him a loving home.

Holding Ransom

It’s hard to imagine Kari’s dog in his other life.  He smiles with ease and, since he’s a youngster, is rather mischievous. No toy is safe around his eager mouth. And tug-of-war … forget about it. If it’s in your hand, he wants to grab it and wrestle...
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An American Dog Tick

Talking ’bout ticks (and the diseases they cause)

Ticks. Yuck. Right? I mean, they’re pretty gross. But they’re more than just gross. They’re dangerous, and not just for you. Dogs in particular are more common hosts for ticks than humans are. And cats are vulnerable, too.  More than that, climate change is creating shifts in where...
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smiley blue fawn pit bull with happy owner

Pam and Blue: A story about how they saved each other’s lives

I could tell by the tremor in Pam’s voice that there’s no way she could make it through another loss. She told me that not too long ago she lost her husband of 34 years and then, shortly after that, her daughter. As she was telling me about...
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pit bull puppy with cleft palate

Our passion in living, breathing form

We fight to keep pets and people together because we know just how lost we’d all be without our own. With that being said, we want you to meet some of the faces who are the reason behind our undying passion for pets. And the same ones who...
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Piece by Piece: The Secrets of Dog Body Language

So, unless you know something we don’t, dogs can’t talk. They do communicate, however, through their body language. Today we thought we’d take you through some of the common signals dogs use to indicate how they’re feeling. Even if you already own a dog, reading up and understanding...
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