After every storm, the sun always shines

“You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” These were the final words Meka sang so tenderly to her dog Loula after she passed away unexpectedly. But she also made sure to promise...
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2020 PRCKC Gala

We hold a gala every year, but this year’s was one for the books. We looked back on all of the pets and people we’ve helped throughout the year and asked for much needed funds to continue helping more pets...
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5 ‘Date Night’ ideas perfect for you and your pet

‘Tis the season of love, and we all know who our real soulmates are. Our pets. They steal our hearts at first sight, and we know they are the only ones who can never break them. Valentine’s Day isn’t so...
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Part-time volunteer, full-time cat lover

Caring for over 20 cats is out of the question for most of us, but for Heather, it’s her everyday reality.  That is not an exaggeration either, but it is a combination of personal pets, fosters and community cats. From...
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Sometimes the best treatment is empathy

As I was sitting on the living room floor in Ms. Pamela’s house, I couldn’t help but feel right at home – and I also couldn’t believe the stories she was telling me about her and her cat, Cuddles. I...
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