How Training Helps Your Dog

Only an estimated 4% of dogs have been through any sort of training, which is a shame, because it has lots of benefits that go beyond the ability to sit and stay. Let’s look at a few. 1. Strengthening that bond. Dog training isn’t just about your dog learning to understand commands; it’s also about you learning how to understand...
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DIY presents for your pets

It’s that time of year; have you checked everyone off your list? Really? Everybody? What about your pets? Sure, they may not know that it’s the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a little gift. But you don’t have to break the bank to give your pets something nice. Often you can make them a little...
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For the Love of Seniors

“Old age does not announce itself.” — South African proverb You don’t expect it. After years of companionship, something’s different about your furry friend. They move differently. They slow down a little bit. It’s time to face it; your pet’s getting older. PET AGING Used to be that you could easily figure out your dog’s “real” age by multiplying how...
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The Scourge of Pet Obesity

Just one more treat.  That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it, when you’re sitting there with your pets? Just give ‘em one more treat. What harm could it do? But wait! Before you toss that treat, think about the ramifications. Fully 1/3 of pets are considered overweight, and if you factor in those who cross over into the obese category, we’re...
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Painful Truth: The Problem with Puppy Mills

A warning: this article will discuss some things that are difficult to talk about. Neglect, injury, and suffering are par for the course with puppy mills, so steel yourself and read on. Adopt, don’t shop. It’s a nice little rhyme, don’t you think? Meant to stick in your head so you remember. But it’s so much more than just a...
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The only good microchip? A registered microchip.

Microchips are the best way to ensure that you and your pet get reunited in the event that they’re lost or stolen, but there are a few things you need to know first. 1. It’s not a tracking device Pet microchips don’t have any form of GPS in them, so they don’t track your pet. So what’s in a pet...
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A beautiful trio

Not every outreach case is something huge. Sometimes what people need isn’t something big; just some advice, maybe a few resources. It’s knowing that we’re here that makes all the difference. This was the case with Tony, Tina and their daughter Kayla. Someone Kayla knew had a dog that had just given birth. Having fallen in love with them (and...
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Keeping your pet hydrated

July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Why? Because it’s so gosh darn hot. We’re sure you’ve heard how a human’s body is made up of 60% water, so it’s important to replenish your fluids by drinking lots of water. Well, your pets are 80% water, so they need that replenishment even more than you do! WHY HYDRATE What exactly...
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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

This pandemic started off with lots of stories of dogs being thrilled over their humans being home all the time. And while it’s been a great boon to a lot of folks to have their furry friends nearby during this stressful time, there’s a flipside to all this attention. Separation anxiety in dogs is on the rise, and with it...
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