2019 by the Numbers

The beginning of a new year is always a chance to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. And with 2020 being a year of big changes for us (just you wait!), we wanted to take stock of our impact. Let’s start with a big number: 26,590. That’s the number of pets we impacted in...
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A Sweet Little Pumpkin

Every holiday season we have our “Pumpkin’s Stocking Stuffer” donation drive, where donations to PRCKC are doubled by the generosity of a wonderful donor, Stephanie Andrews. But we’ve never shared her story, and the story of Pumpkin, the little orange sweetheart we helped her find a forever home for. —– One evening, my husband and I were sitting on our...
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Why a Pet Food Pantry?

One of the most common things we get requests for is pet food, and it’s easy to see why. First, it’s food, a basic necessity. But second, it’s one of those resources that runs out, and quick, especially if you’ve got a big dog. But third is this simple fact: a lot of owners will feed their dogs before they...
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Harnessing Hope

Cynthia grew up with pets, has always had pets. From her childhood, when her father had cats, up through adulthood, she’s always had someone there. Most recently it was a little chihuahua named Tiny, who was her dog when we first met her five years ago. She has a cane that she can use when she needs to, but she...
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Hanging with Friends

Having friends is important; this is no secret. But almost just as important is remembering that you have friends, making time for them. They bring things to your life: a different perspective, diverse interests, different skills. And you bring those things to their lives too. The first rule of canvassing? Have a cart to carry all your stuff. PRCKC had...
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Getting to the Far Shore

Barbara lives alone now in a quiet house, except for when her son comes to stay with her occasionally. It used to be different, though. Much different. Several years ago, her husband passed away. Five months later, her father. Five months after that, her mother. And then just two months later, one of her sisters passed. When she recounts the...
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A Day in the Life: In the Field with Families Better Together™

It’s cold out. Single digits and dark. The day started too early, and probably won’t be through until nearly midnight. So far a number of spills have been taken on the snow-slickened hillsides (nobody hurt, thankfully), handfuls of community cats have been trapped, covered, and returned to PRCKC, and a number of teams scattered throughout the city are huddled in...
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