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May 2, 2022

Disaster Relief and Rescue with Tim Perciful, ASPCA Manager of Disaster Response

We've got Tim Perciful, the ASPCA's Manager of Disaster Response on the show to talk about the organization's long history with disaster response, as well as give observations from his own time doing disaster response work, along with some tips for building your own emergency kit. Show links: Company Settles Dog-Leasing Allegations for More Than $900K This princess tent helps...
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April 18, 2022

Feeding Cats pt. 2 with Dr. Mikel Delgado

The second part of our chat with Dr. Delgado covers her own research on puzzle feeders, how cats are freeloaders, plus her take on the ol' wet food vs. dry food question.  Show notes: San Diego Rescue Dog Gets 'Pawty' to Celebrate One Year Cancer-Free: 'He Inspires Me' Dog Owners Are Pretending Their Pet Bit Them in Concerning TikTok Trend...
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April 4, 2022

Feeding Cats pt. 1 with Dr. Mikel Delgado

Today we've got the first part of a big chat with Dr. Mikel Delgado about when and how to feed your cats. Think there's not that much to talk about? Think again. We cover common issues, where to put your food bowls, and how to bridge that gap between your cat's natural eating behavior and your very real human schedule....
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March 21, 2022

The Grooming Project with Natasha Kirsch and Lacey Adair

We're talking with The Grooming Project founder and CEO Natasha Kirsch and Director of Grooming Lacey Adair about their work breaking the cycle of poverty through training folks in the fine art of dog grooming. Plus, a quinceañera for a Chihuahua? And is there a doggy depression epidemic? All that and more on this episode.  Show links: The Grooming Project This...
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March 7, 2022

Shelter Photography with Taryn and Trish from Wayside Waifs

We've got Taryn Jones and Trish Stinger from Wayside Waifs on the show to talk about shelter photography, how they help the hard-to-adopt pets sell themselves, and how you can take good pics of your pet. Also, can you lure a dog to safety using sausage? Turns out you can. Dog Saved After Drone Carrying Sausage Lures Her To Safety...
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February 21, 2022

A Year of Bart with Ian McIntosh

We're sitting down with our friend Ian to talk about his puppy Bart, who was born with a double-cleft palate. We talk about taking on the responsibility of a special needs pup (and how it was no sweat for Ian, who's a fantastic doggy dad) and what he's learned from Bart in the year they've been together. Show links: Pirate...
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February 7, 2022

Fearful Feisty Fido with Cathy Nash Petersen

On this episode we're chatting with Cathy Nash Petersen about the support group for owners of shy and fearful dogs she's started here at PRCKC. We chat about the difficulties of owning a shy/fearful dog, and what she hopes people get out of the group. Episode links: Loyal Dog Keeps Injured Hiker Warm All Night Until Help Arrives 100,000 More...
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January 24, 2022

Catching up with Michelle Rivera

We've got our founder and CEO, Michelle Rivera, on the podcast this episode to talk about how we're building on last year's momentum to reach even more pets and people, and expand our services to provide even more affordable pet care.  Show links: Most dog breeds highly inbred Delivery Driver Leaves Car For 5 Minutes — And Comes Back To...
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January 10, 2022

Rebroadcast: Episode 11, Winter Needs

A rebroadcast of Episode 11 from back at the end of 2020 on our winter needs as an organization.  Show links: Dogs Find Homes Faster When Shelters Don’t Include Dog's Breed on Adoption Profile, Study Finds Study Confirms 'Slow Blinks' Really Do Work to Communicate With Your Cat Our Winter Amazon wish list The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City...
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December 27, 2021

Pet Rental Fees with Jennifer Applebaum and Lauren Loney

Sixty percent of households in the United States contain at least one pet, but pet ownership isn’t a protected status under the Fair Housing Act, so landlords aren’t obligated to make their properties pet-friendly. The ones that do often charge extra fees, require a deposit, and/or charge pet rent. What effect does this have on struggling pet owners, and how...
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