Lend your voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

Every day, our urgent care team responds to the call for help.

Like they did for Jewels.

Be there with them making sure they can provide love and care to pets in dire need. Your support will help us say “yes” to the dozens of injured, sick and vulnerable pets that come to see us every week. And if you can, make it monthly … so we’re always ready to do what needs to be done to help pets in need. And save lives.

We are the only low-cost and subsidized urgent care in the KC metro. 

Please help us continue the fight to care for our city’s most vulnerable pets.

Dr. Washington talks about Jewels

Listen now to this very emotional interview with Dr. Washington who is talking about trying to save Jewels’ life.

Jewels is survived by these beautiful gemstones…

Jewels pup
Jewels pup
Jewels pup