The Parasite Problem: They’re Here … But They Always Are

In 2017, the Smithsonian reported that the world’s parasites were going extinct.  Hmmm, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?  As long as they take the ones we humans are most familiar with – fleas, ticks, mosquitoes – then I’m...
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Talking ’bout ticks (and the diseases they cause)

Ticks. Yuck. Right? I mean, they’re pretty gross. But they’re more than just gross. They’re dangerous, and not just for you. Dogs in particular are more common hosts for ticks than humans are. And cats are vulnerable, too.  More than...
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The Problem with Parasites

Who hasn’t ever scratched at a mosquito bite and wondered, “I hate them; why do they exist?”  Or fleas, ticks, intestinal worms … all parasites for that matter. But as cooler weather approaches, some of us are likely to forget...
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