The Power of Pets

Our passion in living, breathing form

We fight to keep pets and people together because we know just how lost we’d all be without our own. With that being said, we want you to meet some of the faces who are the reason behind our undying...
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Operation Sabrina

“You just don’t understand what I’m offering you,” Linda’s heart ached as these words faded faster and further into the empty apartment each time she visited. “You’re going to be so spoiled. You’re just going to love it. I’m going...
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Driving Away Desolation

“Because of her, I’m never sad,” Charlie says from the front porch of his tiny home at the Veteran’s Community Project. He lives there with his best friend, a pibble mix he calls Blue.   Blue loves people and proves what...
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A week rarely passes that I don’t think about John.  Anytime I try to tell someone about him I immediately feel my heart stumble, and the words start stacking up in my throat like cars at a busy intersection. I...
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