pet outreach

Unapologetically Squab

This is the journey of a perfectly imperfect cat named Squab.  In August of 2019, our team got a call from a community member who found a newborn black and white kitten in very poor condition. He was only about...
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Unleashing ‘The Beast’

We’ve known Robin and Beast for going on three years now, but our last visit may have been the happiest we’ve ever seen them. And that’s something they both deserve more than anything. Earlier this week, six of us, with...
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Mobile vaccines

You might have seen our vans cruising the city once or twice before, delivering pet resources to clients or rescuing strays. But recently when we’ve been hitting the streets, we’ve had a new agenda. And that is bringing our veterinarian...
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Our Mission: Ending Pet Homelessness

Imagine a world without shelters. We do. We imagine them out of business, closed tight, the grounds and buildings put to an entirely different use that has nothing to do with animals being housed until they find homes. And it’s...
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Moe’s Going Home

Sometimes, in this “business,” you just have to sit down by yourself and feel the hurt pressing down on your chest like a heavy boot. There are good days, though. More than you’d think, really. The kind that bring tears...
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A Mandatory Spay Neuter Law Will Hurt Animals

In terms of pets, Kansas City has come a long way in the last 20 years. The numbers alone tell the story. At one point in time, we killed more than 20,000 animals each year just for space. These days,...
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