Our Mission: Ending Pet Homelessness

Imagine a world without shelters. We do. We imagine them out of business, closed tight, the grounds and buildings put to an entirely different use that has nothing to do with animals being housed until they find homes. And it’s...
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Brachycephalic Breeds

I love me a pug. Round and squishy, little tongue sticking out of his mouth. You know the drill. One of them comes into the clinic and I lose my mind. But everytime I see one (after I squee with...
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Ever since a country physician by the name of Edward Jenner administered the first documented inoculation in 1796, vaccinations have become an incredibly important, incredibly necessary part of our society. Not only did Jenner’s idea directly prevent millions of people...
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Spaying and Neutering

Happy National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month! As an organization with the phrase “Spay and Neuter” in our name, we’re already pretty aware of it, but maybe you’re not. Maybe you have questions about what the surgeries are, how they work, and...
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