A Family Reunion

Up until recently, I had never met Blu, but I had heard enough stories about her to know just how special she was (and still is) to my team.  Earlier this week, Ramona, who has worked in our outreach department...
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Pam and Blue: A story about how they saved each other’s lives

I could tell by the tremor in Pam’s voice that there’s no way she could make it through another loss. She told me that not too long ago she lost her husband of 34 years and then, shortly after that,...
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The Heartbreak of Heartworm

A lot of people don’t know what a heartworm is, but the truth is that it’s exactly what it sounds like: a type of parasite that takes up residence in your pet’s heart, doing damage all the while. And though...
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Summer Safety

  Summer arrives like a floodlamp aimed right at your eyes. You open the door one day and suddenly you feel like you’re swimming because it’s so humid, and how come you’re already sweating after five seconds? Wasn’t it just...
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The Story of Blu, Part 1

Beginnings Blu’s owner, Mr. Nelson, got a ride to our KCMO clinic on a Tuesday morning in early May. He had questions about Blu. He thought she was pregnant; to the untrained eye, some of the symptoms were there. Her...
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