A bigger impact:

Our campaign to grow and reach more pets

Our growth: More help. More lives changed.

Increased demand for our help – and the subsequent growth in staff, volunteers, and the services we offer – continues to reach new heights.

In 2021, we served over 35,000 pets. That number is headed toward 40,000 for this year. And higher the next. To meet that need, and to be here for pets in requiring assistance, we must grow to continue helping our community as much as we can. Thus, the Commitment to Care Campaign was born on October 1, 2022 with construction to begin by March, 2023.

This effort includes an update to our headquarters, improvements to our wellness, surgery and urgent care centers, and a new 6,000 square foot facility for pet food, resources, and an education space for pet owners.

Your donation will live and grow and change thousands of lives … for years to come.

Ways to Give

A variety of gift options are available for this capital campaign:


Simple and popular for a tax-deductible gift

Right Here


Very flexible and allows you to extend your gift and the tax benefits our for a specified amount of time.


Appreciated assets, such as stock, is an alternative to cash and provides greater tax benefits.

Planned Giving

This is a way to plan your estate with a deferred gift that suits your long-term financial goals and commitment to the community. Can include future commitments from wills, estates, trusts, or a life income gift.

For additional information, contact Kellie Johnson at 816.353.0940, ext. 18, or via email at kjohnson@prckc.org.