Essential Services

We're providing annual vaccinations for adult pets to help protect them from disease as well as puppy/kitten boosters to help them build immunity.

Nature's Select is good food with a desire to do good in the community.

All puppies and kittens need several rounds of vaccinations before they are considered up to date for the year.

Though COVID-19 has changed how and what we do for the time being, we are providing annual vaccinations and puppy/kitten boosters by appointment. Both are considered essential in helping keep your pets safe and healthy.

Puppy/kitten boosters are essential to help your new family member build immunity against a number of diseases. If you have not completed all of these rounds, or you’re not sure, please give us a call at 816-353-0940. We have call center staff ready to assist you.

Because of the pandemic, we are no longer providing walk-in hours. When you call, we’re happy to help you set up an appointment to bring your pet in for vaccinations.