Double the Love, Double the Lives Saved

Help us have twice the impact in our most vulnerable communities.

Two PRCKC donors will match each contribution through October 15. That means your donation of $25, $250—even $500— is worth twice as much. And that will help us change the lives of even more pets in need. Please help now.

$25 becomes

Helps subsidize surgery for one animal in need

$50 becomes

Saves a parvo puppy’s life, or booster shots for 4 puppies or kittens

$100 becomes

Supplies for 24 spay / neuter surgeries or 2 months of food for 4 pets

$250 becomes

Vaccines for 25 pets or a day in the field providing support and supplies

$500 becomes

A weekend of outreach, helping dozens of dogs and cats with everyone from vaccines and parasite prevention to minor medical care