Shea Marie McClain

Shea Marie McClainI have traveled the world, studied abroad and one thing that has been consistent during my travels is my love for the voiceless. I grew up in and out of foster care and learned at a young age that animals love cannot be hindered. They can alter the way you perceive the world and show that love has no boundaries. That even the hurt can heal and learn to love again. I hope to be the change in the world and lead by example. As I traveled, I saw homeless dogs and cats in the streets on the verge of starvation.

Communities need education and resources. Pet Resource is exactly what that is. I am honored to be able to volunteer alongside those whose values are to grow and enable our community. To help rehabilitate pets but also their owners. Originally from Arizona but now proudly call Kansas City home. I’m a young professional realtor learning the world as an entrepreneur. I strive to encourage those around me to find their happiness and help them along their way.

My happiness is my ten year old husky and a one year old mix that we adopted the day before the world shut down. I don’t know what it is but rescued dogs seem to know you are their savior. Our Quinn and Yin are truly the light in our lives. They keep us active, loved and we hear a lot of awhoooos when yin the husky has something to say.