Rachel Garnett

Outreach Support Technician

Rachel Garnett

I am from Topeka, grew up in south Florida. I had every pet imaginable – birds, rabbits, hamsters, and of course a few great dogs. I have been in the Pet Care Industry for approximately 7 years now. With most of my experience in Doggy Daycare. Which included extensive training in dog behavior, enrichment, dog training, socialization and rehabilitation. 

When I transitioned over the Veterinary side of the Industry, I worked at a Veterinary Clinic who specialized in not just dogs and cats; but exotic pets. Such as; pocket pets, chickens, geese, reptiles, etc. 

When I had the opportunity to be a part of an organization as great as PRCKC, I didn’t hesitate. 

I have 2 white Boxers and 2 cats that I’ve raised since they were less than a week old. I spend most of my free time with them, picking up new hobbies here and there and tending to my jungle – I’m sort of a plant snob.. I mean hoarder… No, I mean, I’m a collector…