Marcos Harders

Marcos HardersStreet Team Lead

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I have always had a passion for caring for, and rescuing animals. When I first got into animal rescue/service, I served as a foster-parent for dogs that had special needs, such as those recovering from severe injury, being nursed back to health illness, and those someone just didn’t want.

I began volunteering for PRCKC about two years ago. I hadn’t really heard a lot about PRCKC until my partner and I adopted our second fur-baby, Noah. The shelter coordinator with P.A.W.S. (Protective Animal Welfare Society) told us about PRCKC. We needed an inexpensive place to get vaccinations for all of our babies, and the shelter coordinator recommended them.

We went to a walk-in clinic on a Saturday. The staff and the techs that day were AMAZING! Their interactions with me, my babies, and others were compassionate, and sincere. Two weeks later… I was sitting in a Volunteer Orientation and, I never looked back!

As a volunteer with PRCKC, I helped with weekend walk-in clinics, the off-site vaccination clinics, TNR, the Pet Food Pantry, education booths, and canvassing. My experience with volunteering was enlightening, humbling, and gratifying. Out of those three, I’d have to say humbling is something that has stuck with me the most. No matter what event I’m helping with, it always amazing to see how the volunteers and staff at PRCKC touch lives in the community.

As an employee, I look forward to continuing helping PRCKC serve the community, and educate pet-parents on the importance of keeping their pets healthy. I feel so proud to be a part of PRCKC!