Kellie Johnson

Fundraising Manager

Kellie and her two sisters were raised in Springfield, Missouri, by what she says were very loving parents.  

After graduation from high school, Kellie attended the University of Central Missouri, where she pursued a marketing degree. Upon graduation, Kellie spent some time in the corporate world but soon learned that her heart really belonged on the nonprofit side where she could do work that helped support the community. 

Because she grew up with a four-legged friend by her side – always – often a dog but more likely a cat, she found their friendship to be therapeutic and she always treasured their championship. In fact, when she moved to KC eight years ago, she immediately started volunteering for a local shelter, where she eventually found and adopted a cat named Panther. During those early days in the city, Panther brought her happiness during those new and sometimes lonely times. 

She has eight years of fundraising experience at various organizations and is happy to be at PRCKC now  “I have found that the Pet Resource Center has one of the biggest impacts in the Kansas City Metro,” she says. “The mission of PRCKC is deep in my heart and I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that is caring to not only animals but also to people.” 

These days you can catch Kellie cuddling with one or both of my two cats, Bean and Riley. She also likes to knit, read and nap.